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Organic Baby Shower Gift Guide

September 16, 2020

Organic Baby Shower Gift Guide

The baby shower is an essential special time for new mums-to-be to get together with family and friends to celebrate the impending arrival. Moreover, this is a rite of passage and important bonding time. Essentially, baby showers are a chance to advise and support the excited mum-to-be, have some fun with baby-themed games, and also to give a special baby shower gift. So, to get you in the right baby shower mood, we’ve put together the ultimate baby shower gift guide. In addition, we’ve included our top tips for your special present and some of our favourite baby shower gift ideas for both babies and their mums.

Top Tips for a Great Baby Shower Gift

  • It’s not long before they’re mobile. Consequently, because babies quickly become crawlers and toddlers, it’s best to buy clothes for 6 to 15 months. This way, mum will have plenty of good clothes to change the little one into. Here’s a general guide to baby clothes sizes: 50/56 (0-3-month-olds), 62/68 (3-6-month-olds), 74/80 (6-15-month-olds), 86/92 (15 months to 24 months).
  • When buying clothes for when the baby is older, remember to consider the change in season.
  • Be kind to the mother and consider practicality too! It’s easy to go for the full-on cute stuff but perhaps those 10 buttons won’t be appreciated in reality.
  • Having a new baby is an expensive time, so consider putting your money together with other friends and family in order to afford a much needed bigger item.

Ideas for Organic Baby Shower Gifts

Cheap and cheerful…
• Organic Plush toys
• Rattles
• Comforters
• Books
• Activity mirror
• Birth announcement cards
• Socks
• Shoes
• Clothes
• Nappies
• Wall art
• Milestone cards
A little bit more… (but still under $100)
• Nappy Wallet
• Mobile
• Wall Art
• Cot sets
• White noise CD’s
• Birth prints
• Booties
• Baby calmer
• Sleeping bag
• Pram accessories
• First aid kit
Splash out…
• Moses basket
• Nappy bags
• Cot sets
• Blanket
• Personalised Jewellery
• Play mat
• High chairs
• Toddler swing
• Carrier/bouncer

Some of Our Top Gift Picks

Organic Baby Soft Rattle Banana by Nanchen Natur

Nanchen Natur Organic Cotton Baby Rattle BANANA

A very cute organic toy to get your baby into fruit and veggies! This is a soft toy rattle by German Eco Label Nanchen Natur that’ll be fun and help with baby’s sensory development.

Hazel Village Organic Soft Toy Rabbit JULIETTE in River Green Linen Dress


Hazel Village Organic Soft Toy Rabbit JULIETTE in River Green Linen Dress

Founded in 2010 by Jane, passionately creating the toys she would have wanted as a child: soft and cute, with a rigorous commitment to immersive, low-tech play.

View more of the collection at

Disana Organic Merino Wool Baby Blanket, Natural

Disana Organic Merino Wool Baby Blanket, Natural
No other item provides a greater feeling of warmth and safety than pure Merino wool baby blanket by German Eco fashion label disana.

It has been scientifically proven that Babies settle quicker when wrapped or dressed in Wool.

Jump online now at Elves in the Wardrobe for more fabulous baby shower gift ideas!

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