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When the Heat is On, Love your Natural Linen

April 13, 2019

When the Heat is On, Love your Natural Linen

I love to dress and sleep in linen fabric. I love to wrap my family in linen goodies, whenever I can. And now I finally managed to integrate my love for natural linen into our Elves in the Wardrobe range! Introducing the most lovely New Zealand based baby and small children clothes label Hudson & Hare,and German-basedPuenktchen Komma Strich.

Linen clothing isnt just great in Summer

With our hot Australian summer in full swing, you can’t go past the magic of natural linen baby and kids clothes. Its so comfortable and so practical. In addition, its super hard wearing. In fact, linen is known as the strongest natural fibre out there. This means its a great alternative to organic cotton clothing all year round.

Lets have a look at some of the Benefits of Natural Linen Clothes

1. Its durable and very hardwearing

Besides being a super strong fibre, tests have shown it actually gets softer and stronger after being washed.

2. Linen is more environmentally friendly than cotton

Linen is derived from the storks of the flax plant. Its entirely natural and needs much less water to grow than cotton. Also, theres a demand for flax oil and seeds therefore almost all of the plant can be used.

3. Its highly Absorbent and Breathable

In the heat, linen quickly wicks away moisture from babys skin and vents it back to the air.

4. A little bit of luxury

Linen is considered a luxury cloth because its a little more expensive than cotton. But given its awesome durability and comfort, we think its worth it.

5. Linen is a natural insect repellent

Thats right! Moths and similar insects arent attracted to linen so say goodbye to holes in your clothes.

6. Naturally Hypoallergenic

With synthetic fibres and chemically treated materials on the rise, many babies are unable to wear these fabrics. Not so with linen. Its breathable nature creates a perfect ecosystem for babys skin.

7. Easy to look after

Is this the biggest bonus for most busy Mums? Just chuck em in the machine on a cold wash, hang to dry and theyll ready to wear. No ironing required!

8. Ultimate Comfort

Little Elves love linen. And why wouldnt they? Comfy, breathable, heat-regulating, light-weight, they look great and feel lovely against the skin.

If you have already experienced the magic for natural linen clothes, I would love to hear from you to share your experiences and if you are new to the world of linen clothing, I hope I got you a little inspired.

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