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Christmas is coming - time for some family creativity

June 29, 2016

Christmas is coming - time for some family creativity

Christmas - time for some family creativity!

This is my favourite time of the year.

Not because I am a very religious or traditional person, but because it is a time, when our home transforms into a little magical place, full of light, little elves & angels, the smell of Christmas cookies and advent greenery, as well as the anticipation of my children getting ready for Santa!

Especially my oldest son Enam just LOVES anything crafty that will brighten up our home and will make the Christmas Tree even more spectacular? than last year!

Given my background as a Master-Florist, I am more than happy to join in and support there creative joy and imagination to make this a special time. I am always trying to use as much natural materials as possible, that we can collect ourselves!

One more week to go until we light our first candle on the Advents Wreath!

Time to get into a little Advent Warm Up.


So I decided to collect some pine cones to give them a little Christmas Make Over. I bought 4 different wood colours, some brushes and got set up in the garden. Just after school for some pine-cone painting on a nice sunny afternoon.

This is still somewhat strange to me us my childhood memories of advent in Germany are quite different. In Germany the days in December are very short, cold & dark. Everything moves and happens inside.?? Now, here in Australia everything happens outside and my boys got right into painting there favourite colours onto there favourite pine cone.


That never goes as smooth or peaceful as I would like and there is always a fight over? colours, pine cones or brushes but it was still fun.


I cut a few hemp strings and tight them around the pine cones, which gave them a bit more of a vintage/rustic look but also helped to try the cones easier on our little native hedge, right next to us.


I find pine cones extremely versatile to use use and they always look like they were just made for Christmas :-)




But the most important thing of all is, that I get to spent some creative time with my children!

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