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Dressing Boys for Spring - Elves in the Wardrobe Top Picks

September 26, 2016

Dressing Boys for Spring - Elves in the Wardrobe Top Picks

Finding beautiful organic clothes for boys is hard and was one of the major influences in my decision to create Elves in the Wardrobe.Looking for the perfect clothes for my boys is never a straightforward shopping experience. It demands a lot of research, perseverance and testing. Not only am I looking for great unique designs – I am looking for something sturdy and durable enough to conquer any bike races, dragon fights, puddle jumps and rock climbing. If you then factor in the concept of organic, fair trade products that are made from quality soft fabrics and are comfortable enough to snuggle up to… the task just gets harder.

When choosing outfits for my boys, their own sense of comfort and aesthetic is also an important factor. Many a time I have been so sure that I was on to a winner, only to have my boys put me in my place and let me know that they are not a fan of my choice.

Did I mention that finding organic clothes for my boys is hard? With so many factors to consider, many may put this into the too hard basket but I promise it is so, so worthwhile. Nothing makes me prouder than when my boys happily get dressed into fun, functional organic kids clothes each and every morning.

To help you out, I have put together my top picks for organic boy’s clothes this Spring. Not only have they been hand-picked for Elves in the Wardrobe considering all of the above points, they have also undergone the hardest test possible: they have been worn & worn & worn by my two boys.

Let’s start with tops:

    1. Duns Sweden Organic Boys Tee Carrot

      I am a strong believer in unisex clothes and the days of pink & red are for girls and blue is for boys are officially over!

      It is a fact that boys like colourful designs in red/orange/yellow & even pink too!

      With the bright & funky designs of Duns Sweden the boys are truly standing out from the normal colour & design range of boys clothes. Most importantly these organic & fair trade tee’s are designed to last and are incredibly soft & comfortable!

        2. loud+proud organic tee monkey red & navy

          I love loud+proud clothes. They cover everything I am looking for in boy’s clothes.

          They are gorgeous, bright & funky prints, made to last as well as soft & comfortable

          …moving to the bottoms

          One of the greatest challenges for me as a mother of two wild boys was finding good pants, that can make it through the daily challenges of running free, while looking good & feeling comfortable.

          My savior was the Danish label Alba of Denmark with there great & sturdy retro style kid’s clothes. And the best thing of all: My boys just love wearing them.

          Pretty much every day!

            3. AlbaKid Shorts

              Another beautiful & stylish yet comfortable & durable piece by Alba of Denmark. Again, both of my boy’s love wearing these on a daily basis. What better feedback could you get! And even after countless wears and washes, these shorts still look great!

              For more options in organic boys clothes, please visit our online store

              Enjoy Spring Time with Elves in the Wardrobe!

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