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From Our Elves - Stocking Stuffers Ideas

November 30, 2016

From Our Elves  - Stocking Stuffers Ideas

Alongside the joy of the holiday season, comes stress levels that at times, can rise through the roof. There is so much to do! Family dinner, shopping for gifts, decorating the house, setting up the tree, baking treats, the list goes on.

WAIT! What about the stockings?!

Stocking Stuffers, can turn into a dreaded exercise, as they can’t be too big or too small. They need to be just the right size to fit into a stocking!


We have the some extremely qualified experts in this field working for us.

Our elves have been extremely busy compiling a few handy hints to ensure your stockings are just right and make this Christmas a very enjoyable one.

To start with, here are a few pointers to get you on the right track:

  1. Put some thought into choosing organic "quality" rather than cheap "quantity" objects to fill your stockings! These gifts will be a long lasting & enjoyable experience for your children instead of a 3-day play that ends up in the rubbish bin.
  2. Make sure you choose a mix of organic essentials (such as socks) that the kids need, along with fun things for them. This will guarantee happiness for everyone.


If you're still lacking inspiration or ideas, our expert-elves have put a little list together of their favourite stocking fillers for this Christmas!

1. $25, $50, $75, $100, $150, $200 Elves in the Wardrobe Gift Vouchers

Organic Gift Voucher

Elves in the Wardrobe gift vouchers are an ideal choice for this special occasion. They are especially great for older kids who like to choose for themselves. It’s simple. You decide how much money to give; they decide how to spend it. It’s a win-win for everyone.

2. Organic Boys & Girls Tee Gingerbread Cookie by Duns Sweden

Organic Girls Clothes

There is no better way to celebrate Christmas than dressing your children in an organic shirt that brings out the Christmas spirit in everyone. Something that can be loved & worn year after year (or until they grown out of it) and passed on to the next generation.

…. Also available in blue

Organic Boys Clothes

3. Organic Baby Rattles by Nanchen Natur

Organic Baby RattleOrganic Baby RattleOrganic Baby Rattle

A great alternative for the traditional fresh fruit & nuts in our little ones stocking.

Little organic peas, carrots & bananas by German Eco label Nanchen Natur! Not only do they look absolutely yummy, but also make a beautiful soft rattling sound when your little ones start to play.

Our elves had a bit of an argument about which one is their favourite. We totally understand.

4. Organic Knee & Ankle Socks

We all agree. Everyone needs socks.

But how about something that is essential to a child's wardrobe as well as absolutely fun to dress your kids in.

Organic girls & boys socks by Danish Label Ubang have it all.

From dressing up as a ballerina to turning into a tiger, elephant, cat or dog to getting into the Christmas cheer with some fantastic reindeer socks!

They also make a great hand puppet!

Endless possibilities of play, dress up and organic wardrobe essential!

5. Organic Heating Bag / Soft Toy by Pat & Patty

Our elves just love these little guys and they are one of our most popular gift idea.

Filled with organic lavender & buckwheat these little guys help to promote a good sleep and calm stressed nerves.

They are great for snuggle up time, a calm playtime or car companion and make a fantastic sleeping buddy.

6. Collegien Slipper Socks

If you don't know them yet, its time to discover them, and if you do, its high time you add them to your child’s wardrobe.

They are as soft as a sock, and as comfortable as slippers!!!

SLIPPER SOCKS, that will keep your feet heavenly warm & comfortable!

And not just any slipper socks.

These are FRENCH slipper socks made by a 5th generation family business in the south of France.

Let your little Angel enter the magical world of Elves & Fairies with this vibrant and playful slipper sock.

7. Girls Bandana’s by Alba of Denmark

Every girl like to dress up.

Little accessories in her stocking will just make her Christmas day!

Girls Organic Accessories

8. Denim Sun Hat by Alba of Danmark.

Talking about essentials. The ultimate for an Australian summer. Stylish sun protection is a must in every Australian Christmas Stocking if you ask our elves!

Boys Organic Accessories


Our Elves would like to wish you a fantastic advent season and happy stocking filling.

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