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Making Your Own Natural Christmas Tree Decorations

June 29, 2016

Making Your Own Natural Christmas Tree Decorations

Now is the time to put up your Christmas Tree!

Unless you havent already done that as I came to realize, that this tradition varies a little from country to country.

In Germany for example, the Christmas Tree gets decorated either the night before Christmas Eve or on the day of Christmas Eve.

In Australian households I found that the Christmas Tree goes up much earlier.

I know many people putting up their tree already weeks before Christmas Day.




Decorating the tree is just part of the fun in our household as we have also been busy making some natural Christmas Tree decorations.


Here are a few simple natural decorations that are inexpensive and still look very stunning:


1.Dried Orange Slices.

  • Cut an orange into thin and even slices
  • and put them on a baking tray to dry.
  • Make sure they get enough air & sun.
  • Turn them frequently around to avoid mould.
  • Will take app. 2-3 weeks to completely dry.
  • Use some vintage style string (hemp string, etc) to hang them up.


Blog-Christmas-Decorations Christmas-Tree-Decorations



2. Felt Garlands & felt lollies (my youngest sons invention :-) )

  • put some hand warm water
  • with a little bit of liquid soap or wool wash
  • into a bowl of water.
  • Choose the colors (can be multicolored or uni-colored )
  • of the wool for felting.
  • Make a small bowl out the dry wool and put it
  • in the bowl of soapy water to get wet.
  • Roll the ball between your hands and on the table until it is felted.
  • Let the felt ball dry and string them up to make a garland.
  • My youngest son made some felt lollies :
  • He made a felt ball and than wrapped
  • some unfelted wool around it like a little present.
  • After the lollies were dry,
  • we wrapped a bit of string around to hang them up.
  • Looked very cute!




These are just a few simple ideas to get you started.

Have fun creating with your children!

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas time.

Verena from Elves in the Wardrobe

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