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Outdoor Activities

October 23, 2016

Outdoor Activities

With the arrival of Spring, your children are probably raring to get outdoors. Free outside play is so important for kids. We should all encourage our kids to step away from the screens every now and then and step outside. We have compiled a great list of outdoor activities for kids of all ages (even parents).

We are fans of exploring outdoors no matter what the weather throws at us. We are mostly blessed with glorious weather here in Australia, however this Spring we have still been experiencing some rainy, windy & chilly days. This is why it is super important to travel with and dress for all weather extremes. Sun cream, waterproofs and plenty of snacks are always a must.

There is nothing fun about dragging a sunburnt, wet or hungry child on what is supposed to be a fun filled adventure.

Dressing your children for outdoor activities can be tricky. High quality organic fabrics are your best bet because they are breathable and won’t cling while your children are running around and inevitably getting hot and sweaty. Organic kid’s clothes are also extremely durable due to the high quality of the organic material used. No matter how many tumbles they take, after a quick wash your organic children’s clothes will be as good as new. Our advice is to layer your beautiful children in organic kid’s clothes, always pack a spare set just in case and choose something happy & bright that will inspire your children’s outdoor play.

Our Top Organic Kids Clothes for Outdoor Play

1. UBANG Organic Girls LS Shirt Elephant

2. AlbaKid – Boys Shorts

3. Ubang – Organic Girls Skirt

4. AlbaKid – Boys Hoodie

Our Favourite Outdoor Activities

Treasure Hunt

There is nothing more exciting than putting a ‘real pirate treasure map’ in the hands of your kids and let them go on a hunt. This activity naturally requires that you know the area quite well, so that you are able to draw a little map that is easy to understand and follow for your children.  It is a great way to explore nature, enriches their imagination, improves coordination & creative thinking and they can actually find a real treasure. The pirate treasure needs to be buried while the kids are occupied and can be anything you like. My two boys absolutely love treasure hunts, any occasion, any time!

Scavenger Hunt

If you’re heading to the local park or to the beach, why not create a list of items your children can look out for. If you have children that can’t read, why not use images to show what they need to find. Get them interested in the world around them by encouraging them to really notice their surroundings

Organic PlayOutdoor Organic

Create a collage

A fun way to remember all the fun of the Summer holidays is by having something you’ve created about one of your adventures. Collect some sand from the beach or leaves from the park and create a collage on your return home.

Check for local events

Many National Parks provide special activities, especially around the holiday seasons. It’s defintiely worth searching your local paper or website and checking what they have on offer.

Enjoy your own outdoor Olympics

Once your children are outdoors it can be fun to get them moving as much as possible. This is not only great for their health; it also means they are really tired by bedtime. Creating your own outdoor Olympics could be lots of fun for the whole family. Who can win the 100m sprint to the beach? Get your children to come up with ideas for races or events and celebrate the winners of each event. You can get medals from most dollar stores or the party section in the Supermarket.

We’d love to know how you encourage your little ones to get outdoors.

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