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Disana Organic Merino Wool Knitted Nappy Cover, Bordeaux

  • Made of two layers of especially fine, soft organic Merino wool, these woolen nappy covers are suitable for newborn babies up to very small children day and night.
  • Their high knitted waistband not only stops leaks, it keeps baby's tummy lovely and warm, helping prevent wind and colic.
  • The woolen nappy covers absorb excess urine, which binds with the lanoline - the natural wax on wool fibres and is neutralized, so if the woolen over pants have just got a little damp, it is enough to leave it to dry out in the fresh air.
  • Thanks to the natural self cleaning function of the wool fibres, the pants are left hygienically clean.
  • The unisex nappy covers come in 4 sizes:
  • 1. 62/68 = 0-6 months  ( can be used right from birth)
  • 2. 74/80 =  6-12 months
  • 3. 86/92 = 12-24 months+  ( can grow with bub until 4yrs) 
  • 4. 98/104 = 3-4 years (perfect for potty training and night time use)
  • Suitable for delicate, sensitive skin and eczema conditions.
  • Made from 100% GOTS certified organic Merino wool.
  • Ethical in house production by Disana in Germany.


Customer Reviews

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Fantastic extra layer of warmth, even if not used as a nappy cover

I purchased this for 18 - 24 months for my 7.5 mo daughter; it fits her (although it's a bit big) and we will have plenty of wear from it. I don't actually use it as a nappy cover as I use MCNs, but as an additional layer of warmth over her leggings. Absolutely love them! Plenty of room to move and the wide band keeps her belly and lower back/kidney area nice and warm (essential in Traditional Chinese Medicine). The colour is gorgeous and the quality is excellent. Daddy calls it her "Bum Warmer". :) Highly recommended for winter wear. I team it with the ElliFunDay Gnome Hat for the ultimate cuteness outfit. :)

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