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Hazel Village

Deep in a leafy grove, the clever animals of Hazel Village live in their neat little houses, happy and free. They keep their perky ears attuned to the sounds of their forest home, and use their wits to do helpful and kind projects for their neighbors.

Founded in 2010 by Jane, passionately creating the toys she would have wanted as a child: soft and cute, with a rigorous commitment to immersive, low-tech play.

Hazel Village and the animals have the same core values: resourceful, organic,clever, jolly, diligent and considerate.

In addition to a full-time sewing team in Brooklyn, the toy company also works with teams of talented artisans in Nepal, India, Cambodia, and Peru to create beautiful products made with skill, care and love,  believing that when someone cares about their work, it really shows.

Hazel Village is committed to ensuring that wherever the products are made, the workers make a living wage and enjoy good working conditions and policies.

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