Organic Baby Clothes

Extraordinarily comfortable, stylish & eco-friendly

Here at Elves in the Wardrobe, we supply a magical medley of organic baby clothes, with each garment elegantly crafted using beautifully soft cotton – and absolutely no harsh chemicals or dyes. As part of our pledge to create a sustainable future for our little treasures, we’ve developed a collection of organic kids clothes that are not only on trend, but bursting with bright and lively styles to complement their bouncy personalities, ensuring they remain full of beans as they begin their exciting adventures.

We understand that every child’s journey through life is unique, but our ever-growing collection of organic clothing includes everything they could possibly need, wherever they are in the world. It’s therefore never been easier to find the right garment in a style that suits your baby’s personality, from hats and leggings to pants, tops, jumpers, nappies, onesies, jumpsuits, sleeping bags, sleepwear, socks, tights, swimwear, underwear and accessories.

Why buy organic baby clothing from Elves in the Wardrobe?

  • We’re committed to supporting happy and healthy farming methods, making clothes without any harmful chemicals or dyes.
  • We use tried and tested elf enchantment to deliver organic baby clothes and kids clothing without any use of plastic – just 100% recycled materials.
  • Our garments are not only stylish and eco-friendly; they’re robust enough for the most thrilling adventures, helping to keep them snug as they immerse their imagination.
  • Each design is carefully created or handpicked from the best eco-friendly International and Australian labels.
  • You’re guaranteed consistent whimsical styling across our collections lovingly made with super soft cotton.

How can organic baby clothes improve the health of our beloved planet?

Elves in the Wardrobe do not just sell clothes. We create high quality garments that align with the values of our customers, helping to build a happy and healthy planet for our mini-mes to love, protect and explore. We’ve found that a little sprinkle of elf dust goes a very long way! This not-so-secret ingredient ensures the clothing we make for little people, parents and the world makes a big difference, leaving earth a happier and healthier place.

  • Fairer for farmers, allowing them to grow more crops whilst keeping their families safe from toxic chemicals in their food or water supplies.
  • Gracious for little ones with sensitive skin or allergies as there are nochemical retentions in organic cotton clothing.
  • Promotes the importance of ethical production and helps organic cotton farms grow.
  • Combats climate change with greatly reduced greenhouse gas than non-organic clothing.

If you’re eager to find organic baby clothing that is kind to your baby and compassionate to the planet, please take a look through the many collections on our website. You can shop by brand or garment, and place your order in just a matter of seconds, but should you need any help or assistance, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team on 02 5611 1003.