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Disana Lanoline Conditioner, 200ml

  • Lanoline is the natural wax in sheep’s wool.
  • The wax envelops the fibres, protecting them from harsh environments.
  • disana's woolen baby & children's clothes contain plenty of natural lanoline, which protects and cares for the wool fibres.
  • In particular the woolen overpants in disana's nappy system, use up the lanoline constantly.
  • Due to washing and drying organic woolen clothes loose the natural wax in the fibres and need to be replenished with lanoline every now and then.
  • The best way to do so is with disana's lanoline treatment.
  • It is made up of liquid lanoline and dissolves easily in lukewarm water.
  • After washing your much loved woolen clothes, simply place them a bowl with the lanoline treatment.
  • The wool fibres will absorb the lanoline again and your woollies are protected against dirt and dryness and will last for generations.
  • Size: 200ml
  • Ingredients:
  • /INCI: lanoline, polysorbate, cetyl alcohol, citric acid, sodium benzonate, potassium sorbate, aqua.
  • No perfumes, skin and eco friendly, no animal test

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