Hvid Knitted Merino Wool Baby Booties, Otter


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The perfect layer on tiny toes for those first precious months.

There is no better way to keep your little bub's feet snug and warm without overheating.

These unisex baby booties are made from the softest merino wool.

Perfect to stay on your baby's feet with the easy laces.

The cute Baby shoes are made on a 3D knitting machine in a small family run business in Belgium.

Merino wool doesn't itch and is antibacterial and therefor perfect for babies and kids with eczema or sensitive skin.

  • Age: 0-6 months
  • Measurements: 9,5 cm length
  • Made  in Belgium
  • Material: 100% soft natural Merino wool
  • Please note:
  • Merino wool has a natural light pilling. Because of the moving of the feet of the baby, more pilling can occur than normal.
  • A few words on how to care for you lovely Hvid's Merino Products:
  • Please don't wash your product before using.
  • It has already been washed.
  • Other than cotton products where it's better to wash all products for the babies before using.
  • It is not necessary to wash merino wool frequently.
  • The fiber is self cleaning and airing out is absolutely sufficient.
  • When washing, we recommend hand wash with lukewarm water and gentle wool wash soap.
  • Avoid twisting or squeezing the water out.
  • Just lay flat to air dry.

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