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Hvid Knitted Merino Wool Baby Sleeping Cocoon, Off-White

  • Looking for a safe, cozy and comfortable sleeping alternative for your little baby?
  • Look no more:
  • Hvid's beautifully extra soft knitted baby cocoon will keep your baby warm, safe, snug and comfortable without overheating.
  • Use the cocoon any way you like it.
  • Put the 'cap' over babies head for the full cocoon experience, tuck the arms in or leave them out or simply use it like a sleeping bag with the arms out.
  • Medical studies have shown that babies sleeping in or on Merino wool will settle quicker.
  • Temperature regulating qualities of Merino wool will keep your little one not to cold and not to warm.
  • Antibacterial properties  of Merino wool have proven to be the perfect material for babies and children with eczema conditions and sensitive skin.
  • Cocoon Size: 0-4mts
  • Material: 100% natural Merino Wool
  • Made in Belgium.
  • Care:
  • Airing the cocoon if not soiled.
  • Either cold hand wash or cold machine wash on delicate or wool cycle.


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